Kai Stewart's Confounded Contraption


a friendly skeleton in a top hat

From 2005-2011, Erik Ostrom and I played avant-folk music under the name DeatHat. It's like "death hat", but only one H, because it's fancy. DeatHat was primarily a marimba-bass-vocals duo, exploring the intersections between folk, jazz, and roots music. DeatHat released two albums as a band, Eponymy and Genius Loci, and one acapella album, Glossolalia.

In DeatHat, I was exploring areas of texture and mood, and what kind of songs I could build without any music theory.

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Tender Beast

not unfriendly, just unknown

Currently I'm writing and recording songs under the name Tender Beast. Tender Beast spends a lot of time outside, wanting to be inside. It might seem ferocious but is really very gentle. It doesn't have the same spirit of adventure that DeatHat did, but maybe it's easier to approach.

Tender Beast currently has one wabi-sabi solo album, Alone With A Guitar, and one crusty live album, At The Stork Club. I'm working on a fully orchestrated album called Heart Like A Lantern, and I hope to release it sometime in Fall 2018.

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